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2006 08 14
Bill Gates For Prime Minister
imageI never thought I'd ponder this question. Do you think if we asked Bill Gates nicely he might become a Canadian citizen and run for Prime Minister of Canada? Watching Bill and Melinda at the AIDs conference yesterday, one could only be left with the impression that these two care what happens to the world's poor. When Stephen "Steve" Harper decided to give the conference a miss and go as far as possible from Toronto while staying in Canada, he made a statement about his priorities: Tackling a disease that has killed tens of thousands of Canadians and millions elsewhere does not concern him. We have to wonder why. What would cause a consummate politician like Harper to make this statement?

Whatever the answer, the Gates family is committed to advancing the human condition without playing politics. We thanks them for their work to benefit everyone, not only conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, rich, poor . . .


BBC.com has a video excerpt taken today at Toronto's AIDs conference of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton discussing how we can work together to more effectively tackle AIDs. Leadership, says former US President Bill Clinton, is essential. Now, if you were the Prime Minister of Canada, wouldn't you want to be sitting between that pair?
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 08/14 at 11:17 AM

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