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2006 10 08
Bicycles Versus Cars: Story 1

Video by himysyedward19 on YouTube.com
As anyone who rides their bike in Toronto knows, car drivers can be insane. There are many stories. A few are made epic by the proximity of someone with a video camera. Most, though, remain untold -- until now. Here is one such story as experienced by Reading Toronto contributor Alix Beck.

I went home for lunch today and on my way back I was riding along Dovercourt South of Queen, I was cruising behind a Mercedes when it suddenly hit its brakes and pulled over to the curb. I tried to stop but just ended up skidding and falling over onto the sidewalk as the Mercedes drove away. A woman asked me if I was alright, which I was and I replied "yes, just a little shocked. "

So I went down the street to talk to the Mercedes at the stop light. I knocked on the passenger side window and when it rolled down I said frankly to the mid-50's couple that they had knocked me down onto the road back there. The man in the passenger seat said "no we didn't" and rolled up the window and looked away.

What ?!?

So I knocked on the window this time with my wedding ring and he immediately freaked out [and started to get out of the car]. Screaming "jesus christ you better get the FUCK out of here."Naturally, my first reaction was to put both my hands and all my weight against the door to keep this lunatic in the car. Well, when I did this his finger got stuck in the door and he went balistic in the car and tried to open the door this time with Hulk-like force. Screaming the whole time "I'm going to FUCKING kill you!" over and over again.

I quickly realized he wasn't going to stay in the car much longer so I gave it one final push and stumbled on the bike as he chased me into traffic on King street. I managed to roll under the bridge towards work as he continued to scream death threats in the street....

I'm perfectly alright but that scared the living crap out of me.

I never got their license plate either and that's the real kicker.

Do you have a cycling experience you would like to share with Torontonians? Send them to us.
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