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2005 09 20
Bataille in a Buick, Debord in a Ford
Margo’s got the informe and Reggie’s got the dérive. I wish you could have been there, at the corner of Queen & Yonge, when Margie dropped her load of abjection.

Marlo, Paul, and myself returned the truck rental at around 3 in the morning. We were somewhere near Jarvis and Sherbourne. There was a taxi in the parking lot. A guy in the backseat was getting a blow job from a prostitute.

Once I saw three condoms in Albert’s parking lot at the corner of Vaughan and St. Clair. They were obviously placed there, in a specific pattern, by an artist.

I also saw two seagulls cleaning each other in the Brewer’s retail lot at the bottom of Leslie Street.

Then we moved to Hamilton.

[email this story] Posted by Jake Kennedy on 09/20 at 03:00 AM

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