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2007 02 15
Barton Myers Steel House
Wolf residence, Toronto

The former Toronto architect whose residential work is the stuff of local design legend continues to expand the architectural idiom. Before moving his firm to the U.S., Barton Myers worked in Toronto partnering with local architect Jack Diamond. Their Wolf Residence here represents one of the best example of modern residential architecture found anywhere and Myer's studio fostered a generation of the city's leading designers including the spin-off partnership of KPMB Architects.

It is no surprise then to see that Myers is once again getting attention for his smaller, residential work. This time it's with a steel house in West Los Angeles. Myers has always focused on creating buildings that while beautiful were not "objects" in the Libeskind Crystal model. Myers emphasized the creation of effective, sublime interior spaces. In an LA TImes newspaper article he describes his design philosophy this way:
"There's two kinds of architecture right now," says Myers, a man of strong opinions. "One is about making objects, the other is about making spaces," he says, adding, "I'm interested in making spaces."

Here are some images of Myers latest residential work.


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