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2005 06 08
authorship Toronto

The theologian may indulge the pleasing task of describing Religion as she descended from Heaven, arrayed in her native purity. A more melancholy duty is imposed on the historian. He must discover the inevitable mixture of error and corruption, which she contracted in a long residence upon earth, among a weak and degenerate race of beings.
- Edward Gibbon

The chatter and the awards these spring have been focussed on the recognizably authored buildings – the ROM, OCAD, the massive change of the AGO. More interested lately in building on the City’s history, Toronto has found 21st century-big-world-City Religion – and so developed a taste for buildings that could exist anywhere. They’re fun, flashy and are regrettable substitutes for buildings of grander and stronger civic vision. They don’t make their neighbourhoods, they make themselves. However much they may have been to our aesthetic taste at a time, over the long term they’ll be particularly loud reminders of a period that valued brand over vision.
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