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2006 04 05
Architecture, Toronto, and Film
imageToronto is graced with one of the world's most popular and influential film festivals. The Toronto International Film Festival attracts thousands of visitors to the city every year. Depending on who in the film industry you ask, Toronto ranks either number one or two in the hierarchy of festival cities. You can guess what the other one is.

Piers Handling, the Festival's CEO, reminisced about the early days of the festival with five postings here when we launched Reading Toronto last year. So, we have a soft spot for the organization and what it's done to promote the city. That's why when we spotted this museum building in Graz, Austria a while back it seemed like a perfect solution for Toronto. Imagine one or more of these film-conveying buildings interspersed throughout Toronto's core during the festival - or all year round.


Designed by the Berlin Architecture firm, realities:united, the museum is clad in the "Bix Communicative Display Skin." For a QuickTime film of the technology at work, go to this link.
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