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2005 04 03
Architecture Parallax : The Blind Architect - Day 5
imageIn 2003 it was necessary to install a ramp leading to a section of my Visual Crisis event in London. The director of the gallery was bound by a British law that forbids a ramp without railings. In the eyes of the law, walking with a white cane doesn’t count. The director feared [for] people whose eyes have failed. A white cane appears naked and feeble.

The director was blind to touch. To redouble the safeguard he ordered railings the texture of sandpaper. June, who is blind, salvaged the situation. She has the gift of translation. A loud language of the eyes was translated into a whispered language of touch. June helped the director see where touch is beneath bureaucracies of the visual. At least the ramp was smooth.
[email this story] Posted by Alexander Pilis on 04/03 at 08:16 AM

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