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2005 04 02
Architecture Parallax : The Blind Architect - Day 4

We are all blind, except the blind can teach us again how to see, how to sustain attention.

We see too much. There is no end of seeing. There is too much to see. If we do nothing else we see. We live in a culture so filled with things to be seen that visibility is what determines the being or non-being of objects, experiences, and identity. There is so much to see, and rarely an offer, hardly ever the offer of a space or a time for looking. Even less the offer of a space or time where one needn’t look at all, but rather.........

In Ancient Classical Greece, eyesight was believed to form a screen. Reality moved behind the screen of the visible, flowed underneath the surface of appearances. The Blind, like Tiresius in Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex, were the ones who could in truth see.
[email this story] Posted by Alexander Pilis on 04/02 at 08:13 AM

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