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2005 06 02
Anything is Possible

As so often is the case in a big city, the “best of Toronto” can be glimpsed out of the corner of your eye, heard about through word-of-mouth, or witnessed as an act of ephemera that sometimes with the right mix of fortitude and naiveté results in something more permanent.

Years ago, when I rode the Dundas Street car to work, I watched with great curiosity the incremental build of the T-shirt stand captured in the first image. It took almost a year to complete and I remember the momentous day when the roof went on. I ‘held my breath’ over the next number of weeks believing that this perceived act of permanency would trigger the stand’s demise by the hand of some City Hall official. Nothing happened. Years have passed, a lock, a fresh coat of paint and a patched in electrical connection has been added, business is thriving. Whether this stand and others have survived through acts of tolerance or something else it matters little, what is important is that they remain reminding us that anything is possible.

If there is a lesson we can all take from these three successful examples of ‘urban short-hand’ it is that tolerance, ingenuity and incremental change go hand-in-hand. Perhaps this is why, in my estimation, Simcoe’s great urban experiment continues to get better little bit by little bit.
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