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2007 03 01
Angle of Incident #44: Seminar 5, Mementos of the Fall, Part 1

By Gary Michael Dault and the members of the Architecture 684 graduate
seminar at the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo.

Here is the Jody Patterson list for Seminar 5, Monday, Feb. 26, 1-4pm:

Kensington Market and the fabric / garment façade

Rob Kolvitz's assemblage novel: 'Ice Fishing in Gimli'

Koolhaas' junk space: the residue humanity leaves on the planet

Krier, Robert and Leon: fabric architectures

Kunstler, J.H. 'City in mind: meditations on the urban condition'. New York: The Free Press, 2001. Kunstler, J.H. 'Geography of Nowhere: the rise and decline of America's man- made landscape'. New York: The Free Press, 1994.

ŒLandscape and Memory', by Simon Schama

landscape as cultural construct

landscape of laundromat culture and populations;

laundry and landscape in Roman street culture

laundry as photographic subject laundry line as self-discovery in Robert Morin's film 'Yes Sir Madame'

Lawrence and Lowry: the poetic vision which creates a physical landscape (Octavio Paz, 'Alternating Current')

levelled culture of the North American suburb Levittown and the American Dream levity / levitation: word associations vs reality in Levittown loss of affiliation with the ground in contemporary culture Lovet Dickson‚s Grey Owl

Maelstrom survival tactics in Edgar Allen Poe maintenance, from a cultural perspective

Margaret Atwood's 'Survival' and Canadian attitudes to wilderness

Marshall McLuhan and the difficulties of automatic writing material and form in vernacular architectures vs modern suburbs

material homogeneity, individual diversity meltdown or apotheosis: Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

Mice, men and Steinbeck's heroes: the desire for land ownership monolithic urban landscapes: vernacular urban examples from North Africa, the Greek Islands, Italian medieval hilltowns

'Most Beautiful House in the World' by Witold Rybczynski

F.W. Murnau's 'Sunrise': the redeeming promise of modern architecture nature, garden and wilderness noplace, nowhere:

Kunstler's perceptions of the suburb

Northrop Frye's 'The Bush Garden': the vast unconsciousness of nature notions of self, as connected to or alienated from nature

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