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2007 02 26
Angle of Incident #42: Seminar 4, Rethinking the Status of the Natural, Part 1

By Gary Michael Dault and the members of the Architecture 684 graduate seminar, School of Architecture, University of Waterloo

Seminar 4 took place on Monday, Feb.12. Almost immediately afterwards, I flew to Halifax for the opening of an exhibition of my paintings there, at Gallery Page and Strange, and shortly after that, Reading Week was upon us. This was a strange, free-floating time, during which the seminarists dispersed: one went to Mexico to get married; another flew to Rome to see his girlfriend. I don’t know what the others did. Probably something exotic and more or less international—these are high-flying graduate students.
[email this story] Posted by Gary Michael Dault on 02/26 at 06:26 AM

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