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2007 02 26
Angle of Incident #42: Seminar 4, Rethinking the Status of the Natural, Part 6
Christina Kalt, by contrast—or complementarily—addressed herself not to “in-between” spaces, but to public spaces (both the photographs reproduced below were taken at Toronto’s Dundas Square):
Repression of the senses is a postmodern concern for architecture. Imagery, like postmodern architecture, has subdued the symbolic and the sublime; it is uni-directional, activating primarily visual senses. Constructing ideas based on singular images excludes everything that exists outside of it. How is meaning made out of an image that conveys a singular point of view? Identity can be generated through relationships with others – through the juxtaposition of two or more images. Such act allows the images to enter into conversation with one another. Communicative behaviour elicits time, bringing a third dimension to a two-dimensional representation. To read a public space is to read a text. The experience of a public space can only be comprehended through a multitude of images and perceptions. It is then through synthesis conducted by human imagination that the space comes to life. Each viewer will write his or her own story of the space informed by personal experience.


1) Photo Credit: flickr
2) Photo Credit: twentyfourbythirtysix 24by36. http://www.richardalmasi.com/index.php?showimage=73
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