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2007 03 22
Angle of Incident #46: Seminar 8, Vermin And Other Irritants: Part 1

By Gary Michael Dault and the members of the Architecture 684 graduate
seminar at the School of Architecture, Universiy of Waterloo.

The Seminar 8 playist (below) was compiled jointly this week by seminarists Georgia Ydreos and Laura Knap. It covers our discussion of the letters r, s, t, and u.

"We have a responsibility to have a vision of the society we want to live in." (Sheila Rogers quoting Charles Simon quoting Northrop Frye, Sounds Like Canada interview, March 19)

rabbits, feral
regulations - "permit to dispense sickness and death at a tolerable rate", painter Remedios Varo - "unexpected journeys" reproduction reuse/ recuperation/ recycling roadkill roof as environmental mediator "roma", fellini rotterdam - international architecture biennale

saint-exupery, antoine de
salvador dali
scale in artwork
scale, in forming comparisons
"scuttling across the floors of silent seas" (I should have been a pair of ragged claws...) - the objective correlative in elliot's "prufrock" sea - "too dense to sail through but not dense enough to walk on" - concepts of boundaries to the ancient world sense of scale/ out of scale shanghai sharpness in photographs shopping (OMA guide to) SLR photography vs digital smallness vs. extra-largeness "snow, tracks in the" & snowstorm - onset & white pages in "ice fishing in gimli", rob kovitz. soprano in snowstorm - peter greenaway's "putti" solar collector - mirrors in the desert spatial terror - based on immensity "spiral transit" & "solar music" - paintings and evocations by varo smithson, robert - mirrors in piles of earth smoke, mist and steam - stieglitz sublime - romantic and contemporary notions sub-consciousness surrealism - receding spaces surrounded by a river - on maps of the ancient world

text - open-ended
thomas ruff
thomas struth
threshold - of the city, as graveyard
toronto the wild - wayne grady
trope image - the mountain in romantic landscapes
toxicity - soil and effluent
tristram shandy - the impossibility of writing a novel
the tulse luper suitcase - peter greenaway
turin - The Mole Antonelliana

underworld / underground
urban vermin
undertow - of deliberate will
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