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2008 05 08
Albany Club Protest
I'm not sure what this group is protesting, but this morning just before eight there they were out in front of the Conservative Albany Club on King Street East. The Colombian flag on the left suggests it is related to that country. Why choose the Albany Club? Perhaps it is because:
The Albany Club is one of Canada’s oldest private clubs. Founded in 1882 and named after the Duke of Albany, the Club has occupied its current location for more than 125 years. The Club’s history is reflected not just in its building and archives, but in many events. The contributions of past and current members starting with founding member Sir John A. Macdonald and including each subsequent Conservative Prime Minister are celebrated within the walls of the Club.

The club's building has faded into the aging fabric that is the legacy of 19th Century Toronto. I doubt if many people even notice it when walking or driving by. The structure was built in 1840 by local architect John G. Howard. Over time it has changed from its original Georgian Style to the Empire Style it now exhibits.

Why the protest?
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 05/08 at 12:39 PM

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