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2005 11 15
A Sapphire in the Rough
imageThe Wikipedia has this to say of Toronto's proposed Sapphire Tower:

The Sapphire Tower is . . . scheduled to be completed in 2008. When completed, the 94 storey tower on Temperance Street will stand at 337 metres (1,105 feet).

That comment may have been optimistic. Today at City Hall Stinson's plan for Toronto's highest non-CN Tower building may encounter stiff opposition from councilors who don't want a shadow on City Hall plaza. This opposition follows closely the rejection of the ROM's proposed tower. Maybe city politicians think that the outcry against the ROM signaled some general simmering hatred in the Torontonian psyche of all things tall.

Comparing the two would be wrong though. Torontonians rejected the ROM Condo proposal for good reasons. Rejecting Stinson's Sapphire project because it is tall doesn't make sense. If there is any place in Canada where a building this tall should be built it is in Toronto's financial district.

The tower's design is a bit odd with that sphere and needle - but design aside, if Toronto wants a healthy business district tall buildings will be an inevitable part of the city's built fabric.

Image ©Cassius Adams, http://www.cassiusadams.com
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 11/15 at 02:56 PM

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