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2005 08 18
100 Years in the Evolution of the Governor General’s Office
About one-hundred years ago His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught was Canada's Governor General (as shown in the picture on the left). This summer Michaelle Jean was appointed Canada's next Governor General (as shown on the right). The outgoing GG, Adrienne Clarkson, said that "Michaelle is an exciting and imaginative choice . . ." Michaelle's family fled Haiti's Duvalier regime - where her father, a philosopher, was tortured - in 1968. She studied Italian and Hispanic languages at the University of Montreal. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in Comparative Literature. As a journalist and social activist in Quebec she received numerous awards and accolades.

Canadians are generally proud to live in such a multicultural society. Toronto, for example, is unique among the world's cities in its multi-ethnic and multi-racial mix of people. That uniqueness gives us broad social and economic advantages that manifest themselves in the way we shape our city and country. The choice of a Governor General who symbolizes the multicultural strength of a united Canada has to be applauded.
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